Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Peppermint Apples Horse Treat Recipe

I wanted to quickly share with you a different type of horse treat for you to try out this weekend. No baking involved, for those who are Martha Stewart Challenged! Easy peasy...

So, let's just dive in - 
SOMEONE needs to clean their grout.
Peppermint Apples
1 large apple
1 shredded carrot
1/2 cup oats
1/4 cup honey
5 tablespoons sugar
1 tablespoon salt
3 crushed peppermints

What to do...

Cut the apples into large chunks. I hope you can handle this. Then I'd suggest towel trying them, so they're not too wet...this will make sense later...right? Then set them aside.

I should be a food photographer.

Mix the honey, peppermints, sugar, and salt in a bowl...I recommend using a spoon!

Are a crazy horse lady's nails ever nice looking?


Mix the oats and carrots in a separate bowl. With a separate spoon.

I went with a gladware thing, so I would have to do less dishes!

Next, coat the apple chunks in the honey mixture and roll in the oat mixture. Seriously, this is kid stuff.

This is why you dried off your apple slices...
so stuff would stick to them! If it's still not, try adding more honey.

Ooooohhh more texture. I was feelin' it, I guess.

Place on a plate or tupperware container (SEEE??) and refrigerate until you feed to horses.  Try not to eat them all before you make it to the barn.
Plastic horse, optional.

Do not let recipe sit for more than a few days...obviously.  The recipe makes plenty for two or more horses, so SHARE! Sheesh.

See? I told you it was a no brainer. I felt silly taking pictures, but it's the internet, you never know who's reading!

See you out on the trail!
The Horse Junkie

Thursday, January 2, 2014

REVIEW: Hairy Back Ranch's "Solo-Ride™"

If you know me at all, you know this white girl can't jump. Even a little.  Lately, AKA the past YEAR, I have been too lazy to use a saddle when riding on trail, or teaching a lesson, etc. so I have been putting some good use into my Best Friend Bareback Pad (Which I love and am obsessed with).  But here's the dilemma...once you're on, you're on. Unless you're off, then you're REALLY off. Picture me finding a hill, wall, rock, log, or whatever is in near proximity to my horse to use to try to get back on - NOT pretty (or graceful).  Let's just say, I have been know to run up a wall, in order to bank off of it and onto my horse. Thank goodness my horses stand still, (lol) but you see my problem?

I think the bareback gods (what?) must have been smiling down on me this month, because recently I was sent a very interesting, but totally genius contraption for ground mounting your horse.

Hairy Back Ranch in BC, Canada, was gracious to send over what they call their "Solo-Ride™". What's that you say? WELLLLL, only the most original and neatest thing to hit the equestrian scene in a LONG time. Seriously.

Such a cute logo!

(All stock images/videos in this review
are pulled from
with permission)
Their tagline, which describes it perfectly, is "No rock? No fence? No problem! Get back on your horse anywhere, anytime - Solo-Ride™." Umm, YES PLEASE!

Before we do ANYTHING, let's watch an educational video. This girl reads instructions before she does things to avoid making a fool of herself!

OK, that seems reasonable enough, but just in case, here's a visual that stays put. It's even in French, so we can't go wrong:

First of all, here's what you get in the package:

You get the Solo-Ride™ stirrup, strap, and a fanny pack carrying case.  By the way, it comes in a totally cool printed box, too. I'm a sucker for packaging.
Rio looks THRILLED! Lol

Now let's take it to the streets, and see if we can actually do it! 

Step 1: DRAPE

Step 2: ADJUST

Make sure that padded piece is on the withers.
(What, no joke here??)

Step 3: MOUNT

Lightweight, aluminum stirrup. 
"Umm...what are you doing?"

I told you - style, beauty, and grace!

And with a flick of the tail, I'm on!

Step 4: UNDO


Man, I'm good. I guess!

TRUTH: The only thing I found that bothered me about this, (and it's TOTALLY more of a vanity thing) is that fanny packs are soooo OUT.  But seriously, get over it, Brianne. I just swung it around behind me, kinda like a backwards baseball cap for my booty, and rode on out. SWEET! It's even got reflective printing on it, so I can't complain too much. Safety first!!

Yes, his tail is still multi-colored.
TRUTH: The only thing that bothered my horse model, Rio, is that it was under his armpit, basically.  He danced around the first time I tried it, as it is a totally unfamiliar feeling for him.  I would suggest trying it out in an arena or safe, familiar place, before trusting your horse and taking this waaaay out on trail with you your very first time (I feel like I needed to say that). Also, I looked SO SILLY the first time I tried it. It's something new to get used to, but I picked it up quickly, and so did several ladies in my barn who wanted to try it out. :)  Another note I would like to reiterate, is to make sure the pad is on their withers, making this as comfortable as possible for them!

Convinced you need one yet?? Here are some details.

Where can I buy it?
You can purchase this here:

How much does it cost?
$124.99 for the whole package, ships from Canada.

More details please!!

  • Solo-Ride® is made in Canada
  • Made with 100% heavy duty nylon webbing
  • Hardware is 100% stainless steel
  • Stirrup is polished lightweight aluminum
  • Waist pack is made of durable 600 denier polyester
  • Handle included
  • Wither / under leg comfort pad included
  • Waist pack adjusts to 55 inches
  • Three zippered pockets for extra storage (cellphone and keys fit perfectly - done!)
  • Key ring in pocket
  • Waist pack is embroidered with safety thread

And there you have it!  Overall, I think this product will come in very handy for me, especially. I'm addicted to bareback riding, and this just gave me the last little bit of support I needed! I foresee myself using this a LOT this coming Summer. Thanks, Randell!

Be sure to "Like" Hairy Back Ranch on Facebook to keep up with any news, new products, or sales she will be offering in the future!

Now quick, go shopping!!
The Horse Junkie

**Disclaimer - All products shown here were sent to me for review purposes. All opinions are my OWN!**