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Here's what some people had to say about The Horse Junkie!

"That was so freaking nice of you! That was the most genuinely nice and funny review I've ever had! 
You are amazing and so generous to take the time to write that out! I actually laughed a couple times and I was smiling like a crazy person the whole time I was reading :).
Thank you thank you, Brianne!"
Custom Stall Signs


"Thank you so much for writing and sharing this review on the EquiFUSE line! Not only was it informative, but super fun to read and follow! As a small California based company, great reviews like this are beyond appreciated! We work to develop superior grooming and bathing products, and we appreciate you sharing the results!"
-Allyson Harrison
Beki Starr 
EquiFUSE Owners


"Thank you so much for your interest in Hairy Back Ranch™ and Solo-Ride™. I went to your Blog and FB page, looks terrific! I don't usually just send out free Solo-Rides randomly but I get a great feeling from your Blog that you are genuine and honest."

Inventor & Creator at Hairy Back Ranch

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