Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Riding Technology - Ariat Volant Boots

One thing I hate more than anything, is spending tons of money on boots that are going to get dirty and messed up anyways...What I LOVE more than anything, is getting NEW BOOTS! Quite the double-edged sword.

Because I am cheap (I prefer the word 'frugal'), it takes a lot to convince me to spend money on myself, as opposed to something for the horses.  I don't ever want to feel like they're not getting something they need, because of me.  That being said, I found myself going into a local Saddlery with Erin to size myself for some discounted boots I found online ($100 Ariat tall boots?? Sure, why not).  I'm not usually a tall boot person - I'm one of those that thinks those are too fancy for daily hacking...BUT who could pass that up!  I walk in, and ask to try on ANY Ariat boot, and even disclosed that I wasn't looking to purchase, just learn my size.  WELL, out comes the salesgirl, who happens to be a friend of mine (Dangerous, at a saddlery), with the Ariat "Volant" boots.  At this point in my head, I'm saying - "PFFT, no worries. We'll be in and out of here QUICK!"  WRONG.  These just happen to be the same boots that Erin, that "Barn Friend" I keep mentioning, wears almost every day, and constantly raves about their comfort and style.  The second I slipped them on, I knew I was screwed.

Oooohhh the whole collection! Fancy finding this on Google.

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 Dover Saddlery describes the boot in the following way:
The ease and convenience of a front zip. A combination of premium European calf leather and stretch mesh in the upper create superior fit and comfort in this new riding boot. Overlasted construction offers a sleek silhouette and enhanced durability. Oiled leather on the inner calf increases grip. Full-length, premium quality, front-zip system with keeper, TecTuff heel counter and overlay design on foot. Ariat's Cobalt™ Quantum technology. No front intake vents. 
OOOOOHHHH...Melt my heart why don't you.  Needless to say, I walked out of the store with them on.  I know we've all been there!! (Right?)  Thank goodness they were on some sort of sale, which turned out for the better, and made me feel 15.5% less guilty about buying them.

My new babies. Like buttah.

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First of all, the Pros.


  • SUPER comfortable. I am able to wear these for riding all day, and then out to run errands later (You look REALLY cool getting groceries in these).
  • Very stylish. Look great with a pair of black breeches...I also love how cutting-edge they look. Kind of like a modern steam-punk?? Ok, don't push it.
  • The insole of the boot is so squishy.  I have a pair of basic Ariat Heritage Paddock boots, and I thought those were comfortable, but these quickly put those to shame! #firstworldproblems
  • SUPPOSEDLY, from what I've read, you can show in these. I don't show anymore, so I've been out of the loop for a while. Maybe you can only show in the all-black versions (Far right in the photo up top)?? Do your research before you blame me.
  • Love the grippy leather on the inside calf. My leg stays dead still in these babies even when riding bouncy Regina.
  • Works like a tall boot, wears like a running shoe. Seriously.  These do NOT need to be broken in, AT ALL.
  • Biggest thing I can think of, is IF you CAN'T show in these, they might be a wasted tall-boot purchase for you (get it?)...Might as well get a versatile tall boot that you can hack in and then clean up and show in.
  • Second thing, would have to be the price tag. Without my fancy (and LUCKY) discount, these babies push $500.00. PLUS, some websites I've visited charge an extra fee for shipping big, bulky tall boots, so there's that.
  • Not really a CON, but I've heard that the calf sizes run slim, so keep that in mind while ordering. OR run to your tack store and try them on if you're shopping online. It could potentially save you a lot of time and a headache!
I think I'll pass on these paddock boot versions...yuck.

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So now that you're hooked like me, Where to Buy?

Literally everywhere online, I've seen them on eBay (Beware of skeevy used boots, unless you don't mind), and your local tack/saddlery store. Here are a few links for you:

Amazon (Check the size before you buy!!)
eBay (Cheap, and come with a free bag, and free shipping?? SCORE)

Just to name a few, but really, these are mainstream.  So there you have it! Your next new tall boots! I just love spending your money for you, especially after I've taken the plunge!

Thanks, Erin, for talking me into these...HA!

Again - I was not paid for this, just wanted to share my experiences and review this product! BUT, just a hint, Ariat, you can send some free stuff my way, and I wouldn't be disappointed.


  1. You are quite welcome! As you know, I am the WORST person to shop with! They really are great boots and I agree 100% with your review!

  2. I'm thinking of ordering these boots but not sure if the size charts are accurate for height. Can you please tell me your experience with the height you chose and how much the boots dropped? Thanks!!

    1. Good choice! The sizing seemed normal to me, but like any boots, if you can get into a store and try them on, you'll always be better off!

      On my older tall boots, I noticed a drop on my knee of at least an inch or so, but these did not drop but a centimeter, if that. I think the way the zipper wraps around the leg prevented this from happening more, so do keep that in mind. I hate it when boots stab me in the back of the knee when I'm riding!! Pet peeve!

      Hope this helps!! Thanks! xo

  3. I need this boots but it seems they don't ship to Malaysia. Help!