The Horses

Here are my two main men, Hatchet & Rio.

Hatchet is a bay Quarter Horse, registered with the AQHA. He was foaled in 2000 (A millennium boy!), is 15.1 HH, and was my very very first horse. He was born and raised in Owensboro, Kentucky, and has traveled all this way out here in California with me!  Today, he is used for trail riding, Western Pleasure (Or my version of it), English lessons for kids, and any sort of weird adventures I go on!

Rio is a dapple grey Quarter Horse, also registered with the AQHA. He was foaled in 2004, is 15.2 HH, and is a close second to being my first horse.  My mom picked him out while I was purchasing Hatchet, as they are from the same breeder in Kentucky.  She fell in love with him, and soon I did too.  He's a great boy! Now he is used for western pleasure, going very very fast, racing through the hills, and random adventures!

Now for the ladiessss...

Regina C. is a Friesian mare that I co-own with a dear friend of mine.  She is 15 years old, with a great spirit, and a lot of go!  Now for the ONLY bragging rights I have: She is a Ster mare with two 1st Premies, was awarded Provisional Model in 2006, and had the highest linear scores at the Keuring one year in the US and Canada, receiving 8s and above. She is 16.1 HH with a TON of mane, tail, and feathers.  She is trained in second level Dressage, and is trained to drive (How cute).  My partner and I purchased her 9/29/2012, so she is fairly new to us. Right now, we are working on building back her muscle and weight (She recently foaled Maya, who you will read about next, and has been out to pasture for close to a year), but she will soon be leased out, and in parades, etc.  She's our project, but she is definitely a gentle giant who will take us very far!

UPDATE ON REGINA: On 6/15/13, we found an amazing couple to take our loving girl and give her the care and attention she needs. Regina developed a Medial Collateral Ligament Injury. With time and love, she will be fine, and we'll see her back out on the trails once more! :)

Maya is Regina's most recent filly (She's had 5 foals in her lifetime). Maya is 6 months old right now, and such a baby!  She is tall, adorable, sweet-natured, gentle, and is already showing her mother's characteristics with those feathers!  Her sire is the great Wander 352. That, combined with Regina's characteristics? She'll be stunning...She currently is the only horse we have not brought down to our stables in Burbank, and resides in Goleta, CA, roughly 2 hours north.

UPDATE ON MAYA: On 11/4/12, we found a great home for Maya.  Although we would have loved to keep her ourselves, it just wasn't feasible...She is with two loving new parents, who have all the time in the world for her! Xoxo

(Will update more as we go...)