About Me

I'm a 25 year old chick who designs & sells merchandise for Harley-Davidson by day. Also, you know, I just happen to own 2 Quarter Horse geldings who continually brighten and enlighten my life!

My very first ride on a horse was when I was age 5. From there, I consistently became more and more interested in the sport and the lifestyle...Let's just say I was never much of a "ball player" in school.  After much begging and bartering, I began to take lessons at a barn called Los Angeles Children's Riding Center in Sun Valley, CA. I sucked up everything my parents would allow me to enroll in...Lessons, Horse Camp, the whole nine yards (Sports reference, go me!).  Eventually, I came to work with several horses there and before I knew it, I was teaching lessons and working their summer camp. In high school, I had my first experiences with horse shows, as I showed in the IEL circuit, for Notre Dame High School. We did well, earning reserve championships here and there, considering our small team of 3 riders, the FOUNDING members, all of whom happened to be my barn friends. 

After graduation, class of 2006, my parents up and moved us all to Owensboro, Kentucky, where they purchased Diamond Lake Resort with their friends.  I lived there for a year, and even went to school in Indiana during my time. I missed my barn back home, but missed my contact with these magnificent animals even more.  Through some new friends, I met Ronnie Clause, a reputable Quarter Horse breeder in West Louisville. I took a trip over to his ranch, and Hatchet was love at first sight.  As explained in my "Horses" section, Rio was my mom's pick, and she decided I needed two horses. No problem, let's just go from 0-2 with the snap of a finger! Sheesh. I can't blame her, though, mama knows best! I love my boys...

Eventually, I decided my next move would be back home to Burbank.  I was 18, unemployed (in California), and had a boyfriend waiting for me back home (we do stuuupid things for boys, don't we). Almost a year to the day, dad and I were in a U-Haul, toting me back to my hometown.  Hatchet and Rio stayed back in Kentucky, until I could land on my feet and grow to support them. (Sidenote: A bale of hay in KY - $2.50. A bale in CA at the time? $15.00. FML). It wasn't until 3 years later, and after their barn in KY burnt down, that I decided it was finally time to bring the boys home...They arrived in CA on January 14, 2011.

Now, I still live in Burbank, CA, and all of my horses live here as well.  It's truly been a great ride, and that's what makes it fun!  How random and exciting can it be to keep horses in the big city (on the other side of the hill from Hollywood & Los Angeles)?  Answer: VERY!

Stick around, I'd love for you to be a part of my journey and my story. Who knows, maybe I'll see you out riding! <3