Wednesday, July 3, 2013

REVIEW: Custom Stall Signs

Picture me, BORED one day (I know, difficult to imagine), and I'm cruisin' Facebook...

Then I see this one tiny photo on my feed that someone random "liked"'s this ridiculously cute sign with a horse's name on it, and a cartoon horse off to the side.

*Click*...*Scroll*...and BAM! That's all it took - I had to order one! How convenient that my BFF's birthday is right around the corner - perfect excuse to make her the guinea pig! (Sorry, Erin). **Evil Laugh**

Anywho, creepiness aside, the Facebook page that I quite literally stumbled upon is simply called "Custom Stall Signs"

What, you didn't believe me??
FIRST OF ALL...Look how insanely adorable that caricature is. Do I even have to say that?? If you think the computerized/Photoshop version is cute, check out the HAND PAINTED versions!

Just a few examples, you know.
I think there's such a charm and uniqueness to all of her designs - TRUST ME, this is just a super small sample of what she's done, and what she's capable of!

So, this amazing "One-Man-Show" girl, Bryn, can either do a super cute cartoon version of your horse...fairly exactly down to the markings, or she can do crazy-realistic painted versions of your horse's face...or BOTH! As you can see, really easy to go nuts, here.  She works with you directly through email, (and might I add, is GREAT with customer service) to make sure the sign is everything you want, including the background, border, whether you want to add glitter, and overall design of the sign! Guys, let's be real. I know we have all these specific images of our horses in our minds, etc. etc. AND on top of that, we're already crazy horse ladies, so believe me when I say, this woman has the patience of an angel, and take criticism super well!

Beyond that, it looks like she is trying to expand her business some (which, she should!!) to include car & refrigerator magnets, exhibit A:

...and some keychains, which appear to still be in the works.

Either way - WELL DONE, BRYN!

The sign I worked with Bryn to create came about like this...

STAGE 1: Nailing down the main design, and colors.

STAGE 2: Borderrrrr

Stage 3: Fine-tuning the details. Asked her to add more feathers, and perfect the border! 
(Which, by the way, matches the brads on her custom bridle!)

AND...(Drumroll, please)....


I think it's safe to say, Bea likes it :)

So, you say...Cost? Lead time? How to order? Of course you do! I don't just write shining reviews for nothin'!

Cost: Varies some, dependent on what you want on the sign (As far as if you want a realistic painting vs. a caricature, or both)

Lead time: If I'm not mistaken, she's out about a month or two, or maybe three, but she does offer RUSH processing for an additional fee, if that's something that you're interested in.

How to order: Very simple, contact Bryn at to place an order or to ask a question!  If you're looking to place an order right away, and why wouldn't you, be sure to include reference photos! The more, the better!

Of course, you can always check out her website - here it is again:

Believe it or not, this blog post/review was NOT sponsored, and I paid full price for my sign. Will be ordering two more soon!

Apples & Carrots, 


  1. She's incredibly talented and worked with me to create my horse's sign, to which I literally bombarded her with MANY pictures of my horse and my roughly colored design via paint.

    She blew me away with the result!

    1. Hi Maggie - thanks for your comment! You're exactly right. Incredible! :)

  2. I love it! It's even more beautiful in person. She really did an amazing job!

  3. My daughter got me one and sent a picture of my black horse with 3 partial socks running in the field. She nailed it with all feet in position of the picture head slightly turned. That attitude of "look at me" just shows in the stall plate. But of course he thinks he is a movie star anyway. Great job! All my friends think it is hysterical!

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