Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Top 10 Horse Finds on Etsy

Ok so, recently, I think it's fair to say that I've been obsessed with Etsy. Who wouldn't be??

If you're as craft-retarded as I am, of COURSE you're gonna want to pay other people to make you cool homemade things...right? And what better handcrafted things would us Equestrians want to purchase blindly than Horse-related items?!?

That being said (It's OK to be in denial, but I know you're going to read on...), I have put together a list of the top 10 coolest horse-related items I've found on the site. In no particular order, here goes!

1. Horse Pattern Infinity Scarf

Umm...way cool infinity scarf. You can be trendy and nerdy, all at the same time! Go horses!

2. Wall Decals

If you're like me, your horses keep you broke enough that you have to live in an apartment.  Can't paint those walls!  Next step, wall decals! Genius.  Granted, this one is an entire paragraph (And a little showy), but there are plenty of decal shops on Etsy that have cute (and maybe more subtle) designs like this one.

3. Surprise Mug

OK, really?? Too cute. I have one like this with a zebra in the bottom that a friend of mine gave me, but you can't have it. Get your own.

4. Faux Taxidermy Wall Head

I know this errs on the side of creepy, but I like it.  Don't judge, just order one. I think they can make it any color you like too!

5. Horse Hair Jewelry

There are several shops on Etsy that do this, but here's an example. I once got a keychain made from Tail Spin Bracelets, and it was gorgeous, don't get me wrong, but it cost me...oh, it cost me. Whyyy didn't I think of Etsy??

6. Custom Browbands

Again, there are SO many shops that do so many cool things with browbands, so be sure to shop around before you land on one, but here's one shop.  Beautiful work, and even better that someone took the time to hand make them!

7. Personalized Bridle Charms

I went NUTS last year, and bought these for each of my barn friends, for EACH of their horses. Yeah, I know, get on MY list. :D This shop is by FAR my favorite. Great customer service, shipped quick, and the quality was fantastic for the price.  They also sell halter plaques, etc.

8. Wire Wrapped Horseshoes

Best gift EVER for your horsie friends...also, super cheap and HANDMADE. Love, love, love. Did I mention I loved Etsy? Have also purchased from her, and her quality is great, and shipping is quick!

9. Horseshoe Bowls, etc.

Once more, there are several shops who make things out of horseshoes, but my favorite as far as keeping the original shoe intact is this shop...CUTE STUFF.

10. Custom Painted Breyer Horse

Probably the COOLEST thing that I have not yet bit the bullet and purchased yet, are these custom hand painted Breyer Horses. This lady called Breyer and got Holy Permission before she started, and now she can custom paint (And well done too...) a Breyer Horse to look just like your baby! She does beautiful work, seriously, check it out. A bit pricey, but you understand why!

Ta Da! There you go. Go nuts! Thank me later.

Also, I promise I'll be better about posting...and what happened to MY Etsy shop? Who knows. I made a few shirts and then stopped, as I do with everything. I'll get on it!

Love & Carrots!

**This entry is NOT sponsored by anyone on here!! Blah blah blah...**

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