Friday, December 27, 2013

The Horse Junkie's New Years Resolutions (That I WILL keep!)

So, is it more "traditional" to keep New Years resolutions, or to break them? I'm thinking the latter. Well, for me anyways.

Every year, for myself, I try and come up with a few random New Years resolutions that I will TRYYYY to stick to, as the New Year comes around.  I will NOT get lazy, I will NOT eat second helpings of everything, I WILL workout more, or at least go for a walk every now and know how it goes. Or doesn't.
If THAT graphic doesn't get you
pumped, then there's NO hope for you.

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So here's the thing. Now I have this blog, and if I write it up here on the internet, it MUST be true, and it MUST be happening! You guys will hold me accountable, right? That being said, here are some horse/barn/whatever resolutions for myself for New Years! Feel free to chime in and do them with me!

1. I will TRY to write & share more on this blog.

Let's see. I started this website and a Facebook for a reason, right? Oh yeah, because I wanted to do this. I wanted to be a part of the online Equestrian community...tapping into this rich culture of riders around the world, to share and learn things about these amazing creatures, laughing at each other's stories, sharing neat ideas & products, etc.  So, I should actually do it. ACTIVELY. Starting with this blog post :).

2. I will TRY to take better care of my tack.

I can't be the only person reading this that loathes cleaning and oiling tack. There are SO many other fun things to do with horses than taking care of tack.  BUT it's also sort of embarrassing to be the only one on trail squeaking down the road because your tack is sooo dry. (Is THAT why I ride bareback most of the time??) Don't worry, I'll make it easy on myself right off the bat. I can just use wipes or sprays or whatever to start off with...We don't need to jump right off into the deep end immediately. Big ol' baby.

3. I will TRY to get my guys on a better, more consistent de-worming plan.
I don't know about you, but my horses are a
little more dramatic when I deworm them.

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OK, here's the thing.  My horses get dewormed quarterly, so 4 times a year. BUT I usually just grab whatever wormer is closest or most handy or cheapest.  That's all fine and dandy, but it's not.  The parasites in horses' bodies can get immune to certain wormers if they're used consecutively (Anthelmintic resistance), or too often. Also, different parasites live in different seasons, so in order to be covered for parasites in Summer, for example, you'd need a specific medication to kill the little buggers.  Or, if I'm feeling extra-on top of things, I can consult with my veterinarian, and have their feces tested...that could also end up in some savings, as I might find I need to deworm them less.  I know this. Why don't I apply that to my care in order to make the most of my guys health? I think this has to do with that laziness I mentioned earlier. 

4. I will TRY to make sure that my horses get ample turn-out time, and enough time to be HORSES.

I hope my turnout time goes a little better than this.

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Let me just say something to defend myself right off the bat. My horses BOTH get ridden just about every day, or every other day. This is despite my 40+ hour workweek.  Bravo! Bravo!  BUT, my horses are best friends, and they do love a good, solid turnout together, and time to frolic and play and be horses.  I don't think there's any denying that this is good for a horse, inside and out. They will undoubtedly get some exercise, but also ample social time that is so important to these animals. They're HERD animals, for crying out loud! They LOVE friends!  This doesn't mean that they necessarily need aloooone time, without you! I love to just hang out and spend time with my boys as they run or roll around.  This is a great way to strengthen your bond and trust with your horse, whether you've just received them for Christmas (congrats!), or had them with you for years...

5. I will TRY to clean out my tack locker, and donate or sell tack I'm NOT using!!

This is a big one for me. I'm so good at buying things on sale or "because they're cheap", and then letting them tragically collect dust in the back or bottom of my tack locker. Anyone else guilty?  That being said, I will make plans to go through everything and seriously pull things I can get rid of, one way or another.  You only need as much tack as you use, I PROMISE!  Getting rid of excess stuff just makes everybody feel good...seriously! There are so many organizations that need this stuff so badly, OR there are so many ways to make some extra cash off of used tack. (Maybe enough to pay for that deworming regimen I mentioned earlier...hmm!)

So, there you have it! My 5 biggest horse-related New Years resolutions!! Hopefully I'll be better at these than my personal resolutions...LOL no promises!! What are your New Years resolutions??

Happy Trails...
The Horse Junkie

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