Friday, October 26, 2012

My Day to Day - LAEC

My day to day with the horses, on weekdays, starts at about 6pm.  During the week, I work 40 hours in an office to support my habit, and then drive the 6 blocks down the road to my boarding stables.  Usually when I arrive, the sun is just about setting, or will set within a few hours - depending on what time of the year.  To any diehard horse lover like me, the sun setting is NOT a reason to leave the barn! :)

I park, change my clothes, and walk down the aisles to the babies....On a good day, I'm greeted with deep, low whinnies and stares, as they watch my every move, and scan me for a bag of carrots or some treats.  On a bad day, I'm blown off, and sometimes not even acknowledged until I pull one of them out of their stalls. I swear they talk.

I greet all three, Hatchet, Rio, & Regina, and then visit with my barn friends and their horses.  Our barn has a small arena, but really, I seldom ride in it. It's juuuust barely big enough for 2-3 people to ride in, but really perfect for a quick turnout (so you get the idea...tragic).  Besides that, I grew up ONLY riding in arenas, NEVER out on trail, so the rebel in me wants to constantly be out!!  I usually tack up whoever I'm riding, and go out on the trails!

Los Angeles Equestrian Center (LAEC) has a really nice perimeter trail. Yep, you guessed it, it goes around the perimeter of the center. See it down below?  Bridle Trail...

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To ride the entire trail takes about a half hour, or 20 minutes if you're galloping (shhh).  BUT you'll notice that on the top right and left of the map, there are little legs of the trail that go off into the distance...THAT'S where the fun is. Access to ALL trails of Griffith Park...HOURS of trails, and you'll never see the same area twice.  SOLD.

So, as you can see, depending on the amount of time I have each night, it's really easy to find places to ride.  The Center is always a buzz, so it's never a dull moment!

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