Friday, October 26, 2012

Product Review - Calm Coat Products

I told you this blog would be random.

Not too often do I feel crazy passionately about a product, so much that I want to sit down and write a whole essay about it. Especially for no reason at all...but THIS product has quickly become a staple in my daily horse beauty regimen.

I was introduced to it through a barn friend of mine, who made the entire barn aisle smell sooo good with it. The product? MannaPro's Calm Coat Detangler & Shine.

My hero.
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1. Right off the bat, it smells like a tropical paradise. The kind where you're sitting on the beach with a strong Pina Colada, and your horse is being groomed in the background by a striking young man with an accent, dressed in a banana hammock...THAT kind of paradise.

2. Everything they promise on the label, they deliver. It keeps your horse, well...umm...detangled and shiny.  Literally. Even if you DON'T use it daily, let's face it, sometimes we just wanna brush really quick and get on with life, the results LAST.

Sometimes I'll pull Hatchet out of his stall, and OMG this horse is a dirt & dust (and pigeon poop) magnet, and with one swipe of a brush, this guy is shiny!  I still get compliments on him even if he hasn't had a decent bath in 3-4 weeks! Miracles, I tell you.

I've used an array of detangler & shine products, like Cowboy Magic & ShowSheen, and I promise you, this product surpasses both.  Both Cowboy Magic & ShowSheen worked that day, but over time, I found my horses hair overall to get more and more dry & brittle. Different chemicals, I suppose.

3. A little bit goes a long way.  I spray this everywhere. EVERYWHERE.  I soak their manes and tails in it, then spray it across their bodies and legs.  I only finger comb their manes, and it helps a LOT.  It also keeps their manes and tails conditioned so they will GROW longer & faster! (I'll fill you in on the supplements I use to help this also, in a later post)

1. This product doesn't grow on trees. :(

Their entire magical line.
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They offer several smell-good products in their line, and also offer bulk sizes, since we all know horse people are tack and grooming product hoarders (The first step is admitting it)...

A friend of mine has tried their "Calm Eyes" Eye Cleanser, and loves it as well.  Cleared up any boogers and runny fluid ASAP - actually just as well or even better than the expensive solution her vet had her purchase (There's a bummer).

OK there's always a catch, right? Too good to be true, and things like that.

WELL, my barn friends and I came to find out that they only offer their "Natural Fly Repellant" seasonally, so make sure to grab extras when summer rolls around, in case your Summer is a bit longer, like us lucky SoCal people.  That's it. Can't find anything else wrong with this line!

Now, where to purchase this miracle product?  I'm sure you've seen it, or maybe overlooked it at your local tack store. It's pretty mainstream. BUT I always throw mine in with my auto-shipment on so it ships for FREE (remember that I buy in bulk...that problem I have). Ta da! Problems somewhat solved.  It's also available on other horse-themed websites, but this is my niche.

What is your all-time favorite grooming product?? Spill!

Oh, and maybe some legal jargon? I was not paid for this, nor is this a sponsored post. Just a crazy girl wanting to share her secrets!


  1. I'm going to try this! My miniature horse Harley has a mess of a mane. I have used Cowboy Magic for awhile but I have noticed it drying his mane and tail out more, which is bad, its frizzy enough!

    1. Yes! Exactly! That was my problem, and I was settling with those, until fancy Erin showed up with this :)

      Definitely worth a try...